Breast Surgery

Things to Avoid When it comes to Breast Surgery


Even with all of the advances in medical procedures over the past few years, there’s nothing quite as terrifying as having to undergo an operation; regardless of whether it’s out of choice or necessity. From infections and medical complications, all the way to an unwanted result or failed procedure; the risk to your health can often be far greater than the cost to your wallet. Of all of the voluntary surgeries around the world, none are quite as controversial as the traditional boob job.


Breast implants have been around in one way or another for almost one hundred years now, and although the technology during a breast surgery has changed; the method in which it is done so hasn’t. All breasts will require a slit to be made in order to insert the implant and this in itself can often leave scarring or tissue damage; more so if done incorrectly.


Although it’s commonly accepted by women around the world that a breast augmentation will involve a few cuts and bruises; there’s nothing worse than waking up to find that you’ve had a botched boob job, and that the only way to rectify the problem is to have the surgery done all over again. Although making a mistake during surgery can occur from time to time, the fact is that the majority of competent surgeons will have a minimal chance of mistakes taking place, so the first thing to do is to find a reliable surgeon.


In order to become a surgeon, every aspiring doctor must first become qualified. During this qualification phase, they will be required to have witnessed a certain amount of surgeries alongside their mentor or tutor, as well having played a part in the surgeries themselves. Only when they’ve accumulated the correct amount of experience, passed the necessary exams and proven that they are as competent as is required by law can they become a professional surgeon.


But as with most careers, there are individuals that prefer to take short cuts in order to earn the money associated with their position, and an unfortunate consequence is that many doctors and surgeons around the world may not actually be as qualified as we’d like. There have been countless stories from across the globe where unqualified surgeons have performed surgery on individuals; often with disastrous results.


It’s not a difficult task to tell the difference between a potentially fatal surgical procedure and a successful one, and the best way to tell who you will be trusting your life with is to get to know your breast surgeon beforehand. Ask to see their credentials, examples of their previous work and their experience/ qualifications. If the price is right and they are capable of the task, then you can take the next step, but if their services seem a little too good to be true, or pose far too many questions then the chances are that you’re in the wrong place and should look elsewhere.