Fast Denture Repairs While You Wait In Perth

The Importance of Denture Repair

If you had a chipped tooth, would you consider eating on it? What about if you have an exposed gum – would you go out of your way to create friction between your gum and food? Your dentures should be treated with the same sort of consideration, and although they are man-made and don’t possess nerve endings, the fact is that they can be just as detrimental if you decide to use them once they’ve been damaged. So what options to you have at your disposal? Are denture repairs as effective as purchasing a new set, and will you be able to continue as usual afterwards?

The answer is yes – in fact having your dentures repaired can often result in them being far more structurally sound; as the damaged area will be injected with an industrial adhesive that is incredibly resilient to punishment. Dentures can be very expensive, and having a new set custom made to suit your mouth can set you back hundreds of dollars. That’s another reason why denture repair can be an excellent option – mainly due to the small price tag associated with the activity.

Who Can Repair Dentures – While You Wait?

Although they may look and feel real – there isn’t a single element of dentures that are organic. They are made using a range of industry-grade materials, and these materials will have been tried and tested hundreds of times, to ensure that they are safe for human use. If your dentures are damaged, it may seem like a fair option to try to repair them yourself. This can be incredibly difficult to do, not to mention very dangerous.

Your gums aren’t just responsible for holding your teeth in place – they are actually very good at absorbing certain ingredients from the food that you eat. If you decide to use regular super glue in an attempt to fix your dentures, then you are putting yourself at a massive risk of blood poisoning. Even when dry, super glue (or any other glue for that matter) will contain an assortment of harmful chemicals.

If these chemicals are able to enter your blood stream, they can cause all sorts of harmful consequences. That’s why it’s a good idea to hand your damaged dentures in to your dentist or specialist. They will be able to evaluate the damage, arrange for the dentures to be repaired, and then have them back to you with minimal fuss. In many cases, you could have your dentures back well within 24 hours.

Considering the fair price of denture repairs, as well as the security of knowing that the repair method will have been approved by the FDA – you’ll understand why it’s so much more recommended than attempting a repair yourself. Whether your dentures provide a mouthful of teeth, or just a solo tooth – keeping them in top condition can make all the difference, so be sure to ask your dentist to explain the cleaning methods to you properly.