Is Jogging Good For You?

Does Jogging Really Help With Getting Ripped?, Lose fat and get a six pack FAST.

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It’s Mike Chang with sixpackshortcuts, and today we are going to talk about jogging. Even though I personally don’t jog, it is a good way for beginners to get into the swing of things and be active.

Video breakdown:

1:05 The truth is most people over think working out. Jogging is a great way to get off your butt and start doing something.

1:50 The truth is, there is a lot of ways to stay active with jogging. Social marathons, fund raisers or even a run at the park.

2:05 The thing is that jogging doesn’t really burn a ton of calories. You are burning calories while you are jogging, but once you stop jogging… the calories stop burning.

3:02 Jogging is hard on your knees, joints and depending on your personal problems… jogging could cause some problems in your life.

3:50 Even though it does work on your upper body, it doesn’t do much for your upper body at all. Even though your whole body is moving, you are not working your upper body.

4:15 Jogging can actually lead to muscle loss. If you are jogging and your heart rate goes too high or your body goes into a catabolic state… you can burn muscle.

Conclusion: So what I really want you to understand is: if you are a beginner, then jogging is a great way to go ahead and become active. It is something easy that you can do anywhere and it can wake your body up and get it ready to get in shape.

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