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Is Jogging Good For You?

Does Jogging Really Help With Getting Ripped?, Lose fat and get a six pack FAST.

What’s up,

It’s Mike Chang with sixpackshortcuts, and today we are going to talk about jogging. Even though I personally don’t jog, it is a good way for beginners to get into the swing of things and be active.

Video breakdown:

1:05 The truth is most people over think working out. Jogging is a great way to get off your butt and start doing something.

1:50 The truth is, there is a lot of ways to stay active with jogging. Social marathons, fund raisers or even a run at the park.

2:05 The thing is that jogging doesn’t really burn a ton of calories. You are burning calories while you are jogging, but once you stop jogging… the calories stop burning.

3:02 Jogging is hard on your knees, joints and depending on your personal problems… jogging could cause some problems in your life.

3:50 Even though it does work on your upper body, it doesn’t do much for your upper body at all. Even though your whole body is moving, you are not working your upper body.

4:15 Jogging can actually lead to muscle loss. If you are jogging and your heart rate goes too high or your body goes into a catabolic state… you can burn muscle.

Conclusion: So what I really want you to understand is: if you are a beginner, then jogging is a great way to go ahead and become active. It is something easy that you can do anywhere and it can wake your body up and get it ready to get in shape.

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Train Hard,


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25 Responses to Is Jogging Good For You?

  • The moment he said quick video i looked at the duration and disliked it.

  • to be honest, theres no reason for him to be shirtless in this video.

  • Went from 275 pounds to 180 pounds from late June to mid September by
    jogging/running, basic weight lifting and body weight lifting and eating 3
    times a day. There are no secret recipes it simply takes hard work and grit
    to stay with it. I promise you I’m not full of shit if anyone wants to know
    what I did just pm me.

  • “jogging is bad because if you’re in a catabolic state you’re gonna lose

    i swear if stupid people did not exist you will never have any clients.

    if you’re in a catabolic state, you’re on a caloric deficit. guess what’s
    going to happen if you do powerlifts and “strength plyometrics” on a
    caloric deficit? YOU LOSE MUSCLE

    “jogging does not have the ‘afterburn effect'”

    you’re not lying, you’re just ignorant. exercise raises your metabolism
    throughout the day and you lose calories over a period of time. your
    “afterburn effect” occurs for ALL exercises and your metabolism doesn’t
    immediately drop back to baseline directly after exercise.

    this guy is a broscience encyclopedia of misinformation

  • does walking fast with a 15 incline better? cuz i keep hearing running also
    burns muscle but walking fast with a great incline just burns fat not

  • No offense man but you are absolutely full of shit. You are not very good
    at lying. Some sort of cardio should be part of everybody’s work out
    routine. The very name of your channel “Six pack short cuts” is absolutely
    ridiculous. There is no short cuts, no “amazing energy drink that gets abs
    in 5 workouts,” which i see you advertising all the time, and no specific
    exercise that you shouldn’t do. Certain exercises may be better than
    others, but I tell you right now that running is not one of them. Six
    packs take lots of dedication in the exercises that you do and the diets
    that you are on. You my friend are a phony and you look like an absolute
    clown with the garbage that you say. Have a nice day

  • disagree, running is the best exercise of all time. it’s the exercise you
    will always use it in your life .
    chasing someone, escaping someone. boost during fights, football.
    human is built for running, old wars start with running, hunting with
    running, even playing is with running.
    you should sit with Bolt man

  • That’s why your not ripped my Asian friend you don’t run…your toned with
    a layer of fat over your whole body stopping you from getting that total
    ripped look… you look at tho you have 15-17 percent body fat, every top
    level athlete runs …every boxer MMA fighter runs to lose fat while
    keeping muscle, as long as you keep your protein high bcaa especially
    Leucine and eat clean running will make you look great and toned, this guy
    has basically written off running…and has admitted he hates it…. Run
    twice a week and I promise you will create a great healthy strong toned

  • Fuck preparing food for a week , how ridiculously insane is that . Come on
    , What is the fucking point in doing all this crap if your eating nasty
    dried 5 day old food ? Take pride in your cooking and make sure its
    flavoursome . I prep for 1-2 days worth of meals or cook for that day I’m
    going to eat it . I would rather cook more regularly than eat rank 5 day
    old crap . Taking you’r time preparing tasty healthy food is one of life’s
    simple pleasure’s as human beings . Food gives us energy and life and
    should be respected , Not flung into plastic containers and reheated . Also
    it will keep you consistent . Sorry but this Chang guy has fucked up on
    this one . 

  • Con: cycling is way more fun :P

  • You have a fake body aswell running is the cheapest and best way to get
    your body in shape health and lots of good benefits.

  • Hey Mike, I recently recovered from a bad spinal injury, and I lost a lot
    of muscle mass while I was recovering. Do you have any advice for a skinny
    guy to put muscle mass back on? I’m having a hard time putting weight back
    on. I’m the type of person who can do hard manual labour and not put on
    muscle, I can also eat fast food all day and not get fat. I have a super
    fast metabolism which has been keeping me skinny despite my 3000 calorie a
    day diet.

  • I jog and work out every day. So I’m pretty much set.

  • Why does my whole body shake after 30 min workout first I stretch ?

  • There were a couple of things that rubbed me the wrong way here. First off,
    jogging or what I do ie running, actually does require good form. Not only
    does good form maximize performance but if a couple aspects of your form
    are off when running(like over-striding) that can really fuck you up.
    Second, ya running does eventually eat up muscle but only after the fat and
    glycogen reserves have been burned up. Same happens for most types of
    workouts. And finally, the arms are actually pretty involved when you run.
    Any coach will tell you, arm movement dictates leg movement. I’ve had
    plenty of times where either a track workout or kicking at the end of a
    race has made my arms almost as sore as my legs. Also, since almost any
    movement involves the core you’ll tone up the abs pretty well. And I know
    what I’m talking about, I’m going into my second year of collegiate cross
    country running right now. I’m planning on logging 1000+ miles between now
    and my first meet of next season.

  • 5 min jogging is actually good after a weight training, it loosens those
    muscle, get blood flowing all over without the cardiovascular stress of
    weigh lifting. So it will help you recover and build muscle faster as long
    as you don’t run for more than 5 min.

  • Dangerous advice – telling people that they don’t have to learn how to run.
    Especially with the overweight that’s a recipe for injury.

  • “Do i jog?” *zooms in* “No.”

  • If jogging is so easy, let’s see you make a video doing a 5 mile run

  • *”There are some pros and cons to it”*
    Sorry, but I don’t agree with the latter part of that statement. There are
    literally no cons to running. There is a reason running is a staple
    exercise for all special forces around the world. It’s a functional sport
    for functional fitness.

  • After watching 4 or 5 videos you made, I see you’re full of shit. You have
    no idea about the physiology of a human being, the fact is your muscles
    came from food supplements and anabolics, and yet you’re preaching about
    food here. And after stumbling upon this video, where a guy that does
    sports, says he doesn’t jog or run. HAHAHAHAHA, you’re a laughing stock
    man, go preach some rich kids

  • i been joggin for 20 days loose 8 pounds, and going strong…thanks mentor!

  • Are you crazy! Jogging doesn’t increase your metabolism?

  • High powered sprints combined with jogging and walking.. 

  • Running is the essence of human athleticism. The number one training for
    warfare. Number one training for any sport. Except the sport of sleeping

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